Current Services

NEXRAD Level II data from radars made available by the NWS
NEXRAD Level III data products via NOAAPort
TDWR data products via NOAAPort
Other NOAAPort data sets
Canadian Radar data in IRIS format, via Environment Canada
Web-based user portal to the complete IRADS environment
Real time monitoring system (data latencies, flows, radar status information)
User productivity tools (visualization, data decoding software)
User documentation
Toll-free hotline staffed 24x7 with human troubleshooters

Additional Features

NEXRAD Level II Radar-to-user latencies of 10 seconds or less
99.99% reliability relative to NWS system availability
Complete data ingest system-level redundancy with diesel generator emergency power
Full 24x7 system level support with human troubleshooters and toll-free hotline
Access to research data from experimental radars (as available)
Option for dedicated user communication links into the IRADS server
Server Hosting on-site
Samba (SMB) server access for data retrieval (local servers only)